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Sex Workers Aren’t Allowed to Have Respectable Jobs

A New Jersey Sheriffs officer loses her job because she used to be a dominatrix. Someone recognized her (obviously) and when asked about her past she denied it (of course) but when they found it to be true they fired her because they didn’t want to be “the subject of inquiry and ridicule among law enforcement”. The lawyer that was representing her apparently dropped her like a hot potato once it came out that she was indeed a dominatrix in her past.

Many people are disgusted with sex workers, they dislike that they would sell their bodies and not utilize their minds but time and time again articles appear in the news of these women trying to move on become a productive part of society.

Not all women from traumatic childhood’s become sex workers but all sex workers come from traumatic childhoods. Women deny it for a multitude of reasons; it’s bad for business to let fans or customers know there was abuse of any kind, it’s not exactly the sexiest thing to hear. They also don’t want to appear as victims or have people feel bad for them. Whatever the reason, it’s there and the fact is when we turn 18 we are purely a product of our environment. It isn’t until years later that many of us realize we can be anything we want to be, that we don’t have to be what our family made us think we are. Sadly, by the time we’ve gotten some counseling, read some self help books and just have a more developed mind in general; it’s too late. Whether it was the strip club, phone sex, a high dollar escort, prostitute on the street corner, a college girl on a sugar daddy site paying her way through college, a porn star or a cam girl there is at least one man out there that will recognize us and that is terrifying.

The sex industry is the one job where the better you are at it, the more you’ll pay for it later. The more a woman works, the more well known she is and the more well known, the more men will recognize her.

This woman obviously didn’t want to be a dominatrix, if she did, that’s what she would have still been doing. She had thought at the time that’s what her worth was so she gave into the fast (never easy) money. She could EASILY make more as a dominatrix than a cop but she didn’t WANT to be a dominatrix. She had come to that point in her life where she wanted more for herself and she went out there to get it.

Now let’s talk about men that watch dominatrix. I will provide a list here of things men have talked to me about when they wanted me to be their dominatrix:
Wearing Diapers
Going “pee-pee” or “poo-poo” in their diapers
Being their “mean mommy”
Making me tell them their a bad baby

Now I never was a dominatrix as all of this kinda crap creeped me out honestly. I can see a guy getting turned on by a penis going in a vagina but c’mon, pretending to be a baby? Those are some DEEP psychological issues. Even if a guy that’s into being dominated by a woman doesn’t like that and just want the good old fashioned, “Tie me up, put a leash on me, make me walk around on my hands and knees and oink like a pig” it still would make many question how fit he is for anything let alone a job in law enforcement which brings me to my next issue:

This woman was a dominatrix to put food on the table and a roof over her head but what about the officer that recognized her? Surely if they are judgmental enough to throw her away like a worthless whore they must think the guy that likes pickles in his ass while he’s gagging on shit stained panties is a circus freak right? Wrong. He’s a man. She did porn for money. He’s watching porn for enjoyment. She worked out her issues before joining law enforcement and he is obviously an avid fan to recognize a small timer quick in and out porn girl like her. We think the 1800’s of burning whores at the stake is long gone, it’s not, just reinvented.

As for the police department not wanting to be asked questions or ridiculed by other cops how about they hold these men (not boys) accountable. Why can’t there be a memo that says, “Look, yeah she did that but she has moved onto a respectable career. We should commend her for that, not berate her. If anyone has a problem you can leave or get a sanction.” End of story. Why does the woman have to leave instead of men just controlling their impulses be it of a sexual nature or just to be plain cruel?

In regards to the lawyer, she didn’t need one before them finding out if these allegations were true, she needed one after. For the millions of women that have been in the sex industry, most go unnoticed but for some of the women that get found out, they should be protected. They should be able to be a nurse or a cop if they want. It’s not fair to hold them accountable for their entire lives for something they did when they were young women. How can women from the sex industry move on if you won’t let them?

One more thing, if I was ever in trouble I would much rather this badass lady come to my rescue than Mr. Piggy-pickle.

3 thoughts on “Sex Workers Aren’t Allowed to Have Respectable Jobs

  1. Forgive me for my english. I think that a person in life can make choices that can then turn out to be right or wrong but for this they should not then be discriminated or ghettoized. No one is without sin and those who make easy moralism should make an examination of conscience and think well of the evil they do to others even with simple words. I respect you Rachel, I respect you because you’re not afraid to say what you think

  2. Reading and hearing you voice up on this issue has brought tears to my eyes…people like you have help change the double standard…and men are being held accountable…such as Harvey and just recently, the Missouri governor. It takes years, sometimes decades, to repair a reputation…and by you letting others understand the consequences of certain actions is commendable.

  3. I agree with you. it is totally unfair!

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