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My lesbian rant

Questions that people ask lesbians that are not okay to ask- I am going to answer these to hopefully spare future lesbians these derogatory and personal questions. I just want you to know, anytime you ask someone about their sexual orientation, race or religion (unless you’re interested in joining) you could just replace those words with, “Why aren’t you like me?” (Straight white Christian people)Maybe that will put things in perspective. 

  1. Who is the man? Neither of us, that’s the point. 
  2. Why do you dress like a man? I don’t, I dress the same but with my hair short it makes you think I look like a man. 
  4. Don’t you ever miss dick? AGAIN- not appropriate! But to answer this personally- do I miss never coming and a dude pumping for 2-3 minutes and then making a mess all over me then I have to clean it up and make myself come? No. I don’t miss that. 
  5. You just haven’t had the right one. A lot of lesbians I know never had sex with a man at all or only a few so it’s tough for them to defend this moronic question but on behalf of all lesbians- I have had sex with at least 100 male porn stars. We are talking 8-12 inches of solid hard dick that can fuck for hours in any position without losing an erection or coming- and I still ended up with a ring on my finger from a woman. I’ve dated LOTS of great guys, super sweet, considerate, intelligent, educated and fun but couldn’t fall in love with them. I just prefer sex and a relationship with a woman. I know men aren’t used to being told they can’t have something but there are PLENTY of straight women in the sea. Leave the lesbians alone. 
  6. Why do lesbians cut their hair short? All kinds of women cut their hair short. A majority of women over 50 have short hair and nobody says anything to them. Not all lesbians have short hair, in fact, most lesbians I know have regular women’s hair lengths, it’s just that the lesbians with short hair stand out more. You are likely to see lesbians every single day and you just don’t realize it because they both have long hair. I can’t answer why all people cut their hair but I cut mine cause I hate long hair, I throw it up in a bun everyday and the pulling and weight of that bun always hurt my scalp so I decided to cut it off. I hate the feeling of hair on my neck and in my face. It’s a nuisance to me. 
  7. But seriously, who is the man in the relationship? Again- neither and also- none of your business. If we went by who’s the boss it’d be your girlfriend or wife- we all know women call the shots, men joke about this all the time and they know it’s true. We both have a feminine and masculine side to us. Gender is fluid and honestly, kids are raised too black and white with the gender thing. Some girls like fire trucks and some boys like dolls. Doesn’t make them gay, that’s just their interests. 
  8. If lesbians are attracted to women that look like dudes why not just be with one? Again- this is so derogatory and unacceptable. Never say that out loud, it’ll make you look like an envious, desperate, unworldly and uneducated fool. To me, even if a woman is dressed in jeans a t shirt with a ball cap, sneakers and short hair, I can tell just from the back that she’s a woman by the shape of her body. It’s seriously not hard. There is something with women cutting their hair short that makes people blind to the rest of her body. It’s very strange. A woman with short hair that isn’t in a dress still looks very much a woman to me.

Bottom line- don’t say/ask anything to a gay couple that you wouldn’t say/ask to a straight couple. If you have a general curiosity- it’s 2018- GOOGLE IT. If you want to know the details about that couple in particular- too bad cause it’s none of your business. 

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  1. So I am not completely sure so I have to ask. Are you stating that you are lesbian or bi-sexual or what exactly? 😉

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