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Every photo album of me will be available to you including: Selfies, sexy selfies, professional photos edited and unedited, pics of me and my friends, my fur babies, event photos, snapchat photos and moments in time. Videos include: motivational speaking, story time, dance, snapchat and moments in time. There is no better deal out there for being able to get to know someone so well. The updates will be endless so you’ll never tire of content!

Wanna shoot me a text about a video you thought was funny? Or maybe you just wanna show me a pic of the funny your cute dog did, no problem! As a Platinum member you get my number with this package! Feel free to text me as much as you like! Although texting access is limited for Platinum, I’ll still get back to you a few times a week when I’m able! I am so excited to meet you, expect a text from me as soon as you sign up for this prestigious level.

As my thanks to you, you’ll also be receiving a free phone call from me on your birthday to show you how much I care about and appreciate you.


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