Presidential Membership

$299.00 on the 1st of each month

As the most elite and highest regarded member I am officially your virtual arm piece.

First payment prorated. Next payment: August 1, 2019


So you’re the Big Mac Daddy around these parts huh? Okay, okay… I see you. You’re heard. You have ALL of my attention. Not only do you have access to every single video and photo on my site but you also have full access to me that not only includes texts every day but also a phone call each month. I can’t wait to hear your voice.

As my thanks to you, you’ll also be receiving a free phone call from me on your birthday to show you how much I care about and appreciate you.

  • Full access to photo and video galleries
  • 15% merchandise discount
  • Exclusive members only offers
  • Elite texting plan that includes texting every day along with several photos and videos a month.
  • 1 half hour phone call each month that can either be used separately or as one full hour.
  • FREE Birthday Phone Call